3 layers: Mixed Media




  • Students will design a composition that has a distinct foreground, middleground and background.
  • Students will incorporate the points of an interesting composition.
  • Students will express their creativity using a combination of 3 different mediums.


  • Graphite pencil
  • Prisma
  • Sharpie pen


  • Students will design a composition with three layers:
  • By overlapping and placing things at different baselines, something will be drawn in the front, something will be in the middle, and a final choice will fill the back.
  • Students will create each layer of their composition from the following choices:


    *Spheres or any spherical item  (a variety of sizes)

    *Draped material

    *Hand contours

    *Popcorn (or any item that is magnified larger than life in size)

    *Abstract (or any everyday object that can be abstracted in some way)

  • On a sheet of newsprint, students will first brainstorm and plan several different thumbnail sketches of their possible composition for this assignment.
  • Choose the most successful sketch and enlarge it onto a 9″x 12″ sheet of paper.
  • To create strong variety and contrast between each layer, preplan and choose a contrasting medium for each of the three grounds.
  • After it is completed, students will orally critique their designs.