Art 1 Sketchbook Assignments

Art 1 Sketchbook –

  1. Complete colored pencil technique worksheet. You will be graded on accuracy, blending colors, and craftsmanship.


Art 1 Sketchbook – 

2. Draw a reflective object using value. You will be graded on accuracy and craftsmanship. You may use the image below as a resource image, or draw an object such as an ornament in the classroom. 

image2    IMG_0627

Art 1

In class we will be using pencil to shade 2 value scales. Both value scales will be 9 inches by 1 inch. The first will have 9, 1 inch boxes. The second will be smoothly shaded. Use excelent craftsmanship while shading. Stay within the box and fill the box with the value.

Example of the stepped value scale:


Example of the stepped value scale next to the the smooth gradation value scale:


Art 1 Sketchbook – Shading a Sphere

This week’s sketchbook assignment is to draw a circle and shade it so it looks like a 3 dimensional sphere. You will be using a smooth gradation of values to create the illusion. You will need to decide the direction your light is coming from and create a cast shadow from the sphere. Use the videos below to help you. You sphere should be no smaller than 3 inches in diameter.

You will be graded on craftsmanship of your shading and how well you create the illusion of three dimensional space.



Art 1 Sketchbook – Negative Space Drawing

Create a drawing of your stool by drawing only the negative space, the empty space around the stool. You will be graded on proportion and craftsmanship.


Art 1 Sketchbook –

Pen and Ink Ribbon Drawing

Create a 5×7 drawing of curving and overlapping ribbons using line and movement.  Using pen and ink shading techniques create the illusion of space by emphasizing the areas of overlap, by making the ribbon going under have a shadow from the ribbon above.  You will be graded on creativity, composition and craftsmanship.





Art 1 Sketchbook

Use stippling with your sharpie to create a drawing of a sphere.  Lightly draw a circle with your pencil and fill in the values as if the light source was from the right.  Be sure to include a cast shadow.  You will be graded on craftsmanship and effort.



Art 1 Sketchbook

Using contour line to draw your hand, create a 3-4 letter word using American Sign Language.  You will be graded on craftsmanship and proportion.

Sign Language Hand


Using one fluid line, write your name and thicken the line. (Example shows only 1 letter because the size of the sketchbook; you are required to write your name.) Divide the background into 5 columns and 3 rows. Draw different patterns in each section of the background. Add color and/or value to the patterns to help give them variation.

SB 1