Tempera Grassa Series

In my tempera paintings, I depict figures in abstracted environments discovering the will to transform their lives.

I personify the pivotal turning points, accompanied by the inescapable vulnerability and ambivalence, that precede lasting change. My figures evoke a memory or experience, surrounding the senses, capturing the overwhelming feelings bravery requires to step from inertia into the unknown. The juxtaposition of light and dark against many layers of color represents the unexpected beauty discovered in the struggle toward growth that ultimately leads to hope.

My egg oil emulsion (Tempera Grassa), or egg tempera alone, is used to create a multitude of glazes applied in thin layers, which gradually builds up the stunning richness of color. As a result of the glazes’ translucence, which allows light to reflect off the white gesso ground underneath them, they acquire a distinctive gleam. In contrast to oil paintings, egg tempera does not become yellow or darken with age.

Egg tempera masters include The Pre-Raphaelites, Renaissance painters, and Andrew Wyeth. After my extensive studies with the contemporary master Julio Reyes, I hope to convey an innovative edge to an age-old technique.

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Prices begin at $300 for a 6 x 6, $750 for 12 x 12 and $950 for 16 x 20.
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