Collage Self Portrait with newspaper/type

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Debbie West personal collage lesson

Once you understand that the right value can be illustrated with almost anything,  recall a significant moment from your life. Then then write a summary of the event on a prepared surface.

Through different techniques and processes, the students either emphasize or de-emphasize the text, letting it serve as a background pattern and texture.

The next phase is to isolate some area or areas within the piece and illustrate something that is either literally, metaphorically, or symbolically related to the narrative.

Many students struggle with this assignment at first as it really forces them out of their “tight rendering” comfort zone. Yet somehow, through trial and error, almost everyone I have worked with comes out with a successful piece that is uniquely their own.

Look at the two examples (note they do not have all of the elements required above that will make them more interesting).  Compare and contrast these two pieces with the example below.

artist comparison 2 VInn Diagrahm

compare and contrast collage portrait

Then look at the next PDF and consider what could be done with this lesson in 2D and Drawing.

Self Portrait Collage