. . . welcome to Professor Robson’s art room where the journey IS the destination . . .

   “Developing creativity is MORE than teaching creative skills, it is finding solutions to new problems by reevaluating WHAT IS KNOWN into ‘illogical’ or divergent arenas and envisioning formerly unknown relationships among different domains of experience.”  CREATIVITY by Cropley 

   I believe a classical education is the best way to have a solid foundation of “what is known“. This enables students to become successful problem solvers for the future.


   Art based on Rich’s poem: Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, by a former AP student, Faith Wada, in 2014

   I’ve spent the last 19 years teaching students how to express themselves visually.  Thankfully, I get to wake up every morning and share my passion with young people.  

Visual art is a form of worship: not for our glory, but for HIS