Normandy France 2019

My husband and I were fortunate enough to visit France during spring break on this 75th anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy. Over 10,000 soldiers lost their lives to “keep Europe and the rest of the world free” as stated on a plaque sent from the Governor from the state of Indiana at a museum in Caen, France.  Each of the 50 states sent its own memorial to represent their soldiers.

It was so emotional to see in person and realize what a debt we owe to those brave young men who stood up against evil and turned the tide of the war.   We saw firsthand the Atlantic Wall put up by the Germans, the bunkers that served as their headquarters, and their weapons and equipment that made them almost successful.

But nothing compared to learning about and seeing photos of the amazing floating docks that made it possible to drive Allied tanks on the beach from the warships. 

There is a statue of President Eisenhower along the highway and people of Normandy and Caen, and all along the coast, absolutely love Americans and know what we did for them.  

It was truly the most moving place I have ever visited. The 360-degree theater that compiled actual footage of Operation Overlord from all points of view really captured the event was truly stunning. I think all Americans, English, French, and Canadians should travel there and see it in person to really appreciate our freedom.


CSD’s ANA BRUCE wins a GOLD SEAL today at State Vase which puts her in the top 5% of all public, private and homeschooled art students in Texas!

150 Gold Seals were awarded out of 2200 state winners (32k overall entries) at the Texas Art Teachers Association’s 2018 Visual Art Scholastic Event.

Congrats to Ana who also won a Gold Seal last year!

Innocence by Ana Bruce

2018 Regional VASE Results

Students from The Cambridge School of Dallas competed with 46 other schools (1,413 entires) at Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) on February 24th. All 16 students won Gold!  26 out of 27 pieces scored the highest rating of 4. Two will go to State Vase on April 27th in San Marcos, TX.  Congrats to all the students!

Advancing to STATE VASE:

Francesca Norman – 12th

Ana Bruce – 10th

Gold Medal (Score of 4)

Ana Bruce – 10th


Lauren Ferguson – 12th


Boone Simms – 9th


Carly Cawthon – 11th 


Hannah Weir – 12th


Luke Lewis – 10th 


Francesca Norman – 12th


Jocelyn Segoviano – 10th


Victoria Taylor – 11th 


Jasmine Jobe – 11th


Carson Upfield – 12th 


Alejandra Gonzalez – 10th  


Caroline Williams – 9th


Brandes Woodall – 10th 


Michael Nolan Jr. – 9th 


Beth Singer – 10th