2018-2019 AP Class Blogs



Carly Cawthon

Victoria Taylor


For assignments that are large such as the first one, Alphabet Names, we need a place to put all our photos in a file until we have the Breadth pieces final.

Then we will put them on your blog (portfolio) pages here throughout the year for critiques, etc.

We will use Shutterfly to turn in folders of your work. (You may want to use Shutterfly and Flickr but Shutterfly is where final folders will go).  To use Flickr you must have a Yahoo acct. and accept my invite to the AP Page.  If you want it visible to AP you must do so each time you upload in the permissions panel.

*Information – Shutterfly.com

  1. Go to shutterfly.com (there is also an app for any device users)
  2. Bookmark this site
  3. Log in to our site: https://apstudioart2019.shutterfly.com
  4. You might want to check the Remember me box to make it easier to return each time
  5. this is where you will find our group page: Our AP classroom site
  6. Go to My Pictures
  7. Click the Folder with your name and start an Album
  8. Name it with your last name, first initial, date and the name of the assignment
  9. Example Album Name: RobsonB July4 APselfies
  11. Consistently naming them this way will protect from any unexpected updates by the site
  12. While in the album, click upload and choose the pictures you want to add
  13. Make sure all pictures added are in focus!
  14. To rename, move, copy or delete photos, hover over the album and click the triangle that appears for choices
  15. Always sign out and sign back in to make sure the pictures loaded (it is your responsibility to ensure they were handed in)
  16. If they aren’t in your folder, check the 1st folder named My Albums because it is the default if an album wasn’t chosen
  17. Now check out the Store and Design Studio.  There is fun stuff that you can choose to do with your photos!