Red, Blue, & Yellow + Black

Colored pencil hands using a Grisaille Underpainting

Verdaccio is a greenish underpainting technique used by early Italian fresco painters. The artist establishes all the values in the underpainting technique. Several transparent over paintings are then applied, achieving a realistic skin toned painting that glows.


2. RBY Portraits: (perspective and the figure)

*using primary colors only, figure/ground, foreshortening, emphasis, realism


 NEXT: Do this exercise in your sketchbook first: watercolor RYB portrait: a watercolor portrait with gouache, pen 

Look at these, then decide your approach:

 RBY (prisma) demo and explaination 

My demo:

Lastly, here is a technique that utilizes a great deal of “chiaroscuro” extreme darks and lights: portrait-chiaroscuro-in-colored-pencil

Inspiration!!! CSD’s own Francesca Norman’s RYB hands accepted into the prestigious Young American Talent show

fran hands lightened.jpg

Prof Robson’s Demo:IMG_4599



Once you get the hang of layering primary colors you might try watercolor glazes:
This portrait has been painted with layers of Yellow Ochre, red (Alizarin Crimson and Permanent Red) and blue (Ultramarine Blue and Prussian Blue). Yellow Ochre is the most opaque color, and the blue and red pigments used are more transparent. Therefore, the first layer to be applied was Yellow Ochre.”

Excerpt From: Pelissier, Sandrine. “Fearless Watercolor for Beginners.” iBooks.image00257