AP/Art 3 Class Assignments

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.” – Ansel Adams

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Turning in Assignments: 

These images may be stored in our linked Dropbox or a thumb-drive. Turning in large photo assignments

 Photo Editing Apps here 

Plus: iPhone app for surreal effects, multiple exposures, and background removal. LightX

Portfolio examples:

My student’s past portfolios with scores:


Other student’s portfolios with scores:


NOTE: THE NEW PORTFOLIO REQUIREMENTS OMIT THE BREADTH SECTION AND ONLY REQUIRE THE CONCENTRATION. These breadth lessons will help explore ideas for the final sustained investigation ideas.

How to create a Successful Sustained Investigation using Synectic Trigger tools

How to make a google docs presentation


Photo Breadth Assignments

Lessons from other photo classes:

Basics of aperture, shutter speed, iso

ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed expanded

Tedx 5 min history of the camera

Letters in Nature

Patterns in Texture and Nature

Interacting Diptych

A Sense of Movement   

Night Photography

Pinhole Photography

Assemblage Panorama

Ipad /Iphone self-portrait

Macro & Abstract Photography

Light & Shadow

Symmetry & Asymmetry

Thematic Photography

Stop Motion Animation

The Still Life

Emulate A Master Photographer

Dear Photograph

For the Love of Cyanotype

The Deconstructed Landscape

Forced Perspective

Directed Shoot: 6 Conceptual Photographs

50 Self Portraits – 1 final

Double Exposure

Sandwiched Imagery

Photoshop Lesson: 

Make a Hipster Logo

Sketchbook Inspiration

Can your art make a difference: Dan Eldon short video \   Dan Eldon’s Journals

Eight Famous Photographers You Should Know