Commissioning a Portrait


For over 20 years I have been fascinated with capturing and visually communicating a subject’s life force or “their source of their purposiveness”. This can be a subject’s spirit (personality, character, and energy) that comes through their expression, likeness, and/or mood.

Since the world is but an artifact (of a divine Artificer) and we are here but a short time, I hope my art represents harmony and beauty that brings a timeless joy for my clients for many years to come. 

To begin: a 50% non-refundable deposit is due.
Preferably, the client will provide an acceptable photo, good lighting, etc.
Otherwise, I will either travel to the client’s location or we will meet in my studio to photograph the subject and do a quick oil sketch.
I will begin the portrait, depending upon the size and material, it may take 3 weeks or 2-4 months. If you have a special event, we can discuss a quicker turnaround.
When finished, the client will have a chance to request any reasonable changes.
Upon acceptance of the portrait, the balance of the fee is due.
Prices for single subject portrait commissions are as follows:
Portraits of People
Oil (the price includes a charcoal or pencil drawing) Many clients have framed these as finished art.

11 x 14 …………..$600(Head only)
16 x 20 ………….$800(Head & Shoulders)
18 x 24 ………….$1,000(Head, Shoulders & Hands)
24 x 30/36 …….$1,200(Full Figure)
24 x 48 ……….. $1,600(Full Figure)
36 x 48 ……….. $2,000(Full Figure) 
Additional Costs:
Add 50% of the base cost more for each additional person in a portrait. All portraits are delivered unframed and do not include framing costs, but I can have them framed for you if desired. Prices do not include any sales tax that may apply. Any shipping costs, including crating and insurance, are additional. Any travel and lodging expenses are also additional. 

Portraits of Pets
11 x 14 ……… $400
16 x 20 …….. $500(Full Figure)
18 x 24 …….. $600(Full Figure)
24 x 30 …….. $650(Full Figure)
24 x 36 …….. $700(Full Figure) 
Additional Costs:
Add 50% of the base cost more for each additional pet in a portrait.

Graphite, charcoal, linoleum print portraits are half the price of an oil or watercolor portrait.

Thomas Aquinas: “The emanation of creatures from God is as the coming forth of artifacts from the artificer. Therefore, just as from the art of the artificer – the artificial forms flow into matter, so also do all natural forms and virtues flow from the ideas in the divine mind.”

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