Congrats to all of the 2018 Scholastic Art Regional Winners !! Two go to nationals!

Congrats to these Cambridge School of Dallas Artists!

Francesca Norman -Gold


Lauren Ferguson -Gold


Francesca Norman -Silver


Lauren Ferguson -Silver



Claire Nowlin- Silver


Ana Bruce -Silver


Brandes Woodall -Silver


Michelle Xu -Silver


Carly Cawthon -Honorable Mention


Boone Simms -Honorable Mention



College Board’s AP Art portfolio scores

2017 AP Studio Art Portfolio results: 100% passed! WAY TO GO CSD artists!!

Take a look at all of their hard work:

Lucy- Score: 5

Aidan- Score: 3


Carson- Score: 4

Francesca- Score: 5

Melissa- Score: 3

Hannah- Score: 4

Lauren- Score: 5

Yaneli- Score: 3


Some highlights from the 2017 CSD Fine Arts Show:

Upcoming Invitational Art Show: The Extraordinary Tale: Magic Realism in Art

An important characteristic of magic realism is that the viewer must accept the unreal as a natural part of reality.  Other art styles, such as surrealism, symbolism, or fantasy art, rely on the creation of hypothetical worlds that are used to accommodate the imaginary.  Magic realism, on the other hand, uses the real world as the setting and any incredible components of the story are presented naturally as if they were always part of that world.

Author Matthew Strecher gives, perhaps, the best simple definition of Magic Realism when he describes the genre as “what happens when a highly detailed, realistic setting is invaded by something too strange to believe.”

The exhibition includes works by artists from Texas, California, North Carolina, Mexico, and El Salvador.