2016 Association of Texas Photography Instructors Contest results

This year’s ATPI contest,  Association of Texas Photography Instructors,  received more than 6500 entries from 89 schools. The entries came from schools across Texas, plus California, Kansas and Oklahoma. Three of The Cambridge School of Dallas’ students placed in some of the the hardest/most popular categories!

Francesca Norman (11th grade) won First Place in Beginner Informal-Environmental Portrait with a photo of Matthew Jordan titled “Narcissus.”

Aidan Howard (12th grade) won Second Place in Beginner Portfolio (5 unified photos) titled “Framed” which describes the compositional technique he was investigating with his landscape travel photos.

Lauren Ferguson (11th grade) won Honorable Mention for her portfolio in the Beginner Photo Story category (5 narrative photos with words) titled “Mad Girl’s Love Song/Ophelia’s Last Day” which featured a photo of Sarah Judd.

 This is an amazing accomplishment for these artists!


Narcissus by Francesca Norman


framed-bellagioframed-carolineFramed CityFramed Man

Framed Sea

Framed by Aidan Howard


mad girl's love song/ophelia's last daymad girl's love song/ophelia's last day 2mad girl's love song/ophelia's last day 3mad girl's love song/ophelia's last day 4

mad girl's love song/ophelia's last day 5

Mad Girl’s Love Song/Ophelia’s Last Day by Lauren Ferguson