The 2D Design Portfolio looks at:


This is what you need to be focusing on with each piece.  Your elements of Art are used TO REPRESENT a principle of design.

Look at this PDF (keep in mind this is the 2D portfolio but the idea is the same)

Look at AP 2D Design

The DRAWING Portfolio looks at

Here is the Art History timeline:

Art History Periods

Look here at an example of what I need in January:

Carly AP portfolio ideas

(You need just the sentence, Carly and I are brainstorming on inspiration artists).  If you’d like me to help you with this like I did Carly, let me know.

Your sentence due the first day of Art class:

Pick a principle:
• _________________YOUR PRINCIPLE
• _____________  and ______________Your ELEMENTS OF ART that you use to investigate your Principle.
• ____________ and _____________________your medium (mixed media, photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, etc.)
• and subject ____________________.

Use the mind mapping from Carly’s page if you can’t really zero in on your subject.

Make it personal (specific to you): The big WHY is this important to me personally, not humankind, or  Instagram audiences, for example.

Whatever you do, remember KISS: keep it simple. Good design is simple and strong.

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