Perspective Color Harmonies



Prove knowledge of perspective rules using a variety of views.

Prove knowledge of color harmonies using a specific light source.

Learn painting techniques necessary to render form with light an shadows to understand tints and shades.

Complete homework: Drawing in 2 pt. perspective. 

View the PDF provided for a refresher on linear perspective and ellipses. 

Drawing- Perspective and ellipses


  1. Design an interesting composition of arranged open boxes and other geometric forms, which are drawn using correct perspective techniques.
  2. Boxes must be arranged in a logical arrangement –no floating boxes.
  3. Boxes must be placed in a variety of views / perspectives.
  4. All boxes must show evidence of one specific light source.
  5. Boxes must be painted accurately using a specific color harmony:
  6. Monochromatictints on the outside/ shades on the inside.
  7. Complementarywarm color on the outside/ cool on the inside.
  8. Analogous– lightest hue on the light source side/ darkest hue on the opposite side of the inside.

All work must be drawn and painted neatly with great accuracy and precision, see examples:

Natalee-pers Aaron shapes Beka shapes  Gita shapes Austin shapes Laurence shapesJPG Erin shapes Lauren-pers Leslie-pers Amy-pers Adam-pers-1 Ashley-pers