AP and Art 3: Semester 2

AP Students: 

Concentration Focus:

• _________________YOUR PRINCIPLE
• _____________  and ______________Your ELEMENTS OF ART that you use to investigate your Principle.
• ____________ and _____________________your medium (mixed media, photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, etc.)
• and subject ____________________.


Concentration Due Dates: Project grades, posted on blog the following Monday for a participation grade. There are only 9 here so if you need 12 then it is up to you to double up on your work.  You should have 3 by now unless you have changed your mind and are doing a new concentration subject.

Jan 12

Jan 19   Class critique: (art can be finished or close to finished)

Jan 26

Feb 2   Critique

Feb 9

March 2  Critique

March 23

March 29  Critique

April 27


Semester 2 AP and Art 3 for those who do not complete a concentration

VASE REGIONALS (Mandatory): FEB 24th