Color Wheel Rose Window Radial Design

Color theory rose window


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pretest color

How do artists use the color wheel? Does it matter what order the colors are in on the color wheel? How are they spaced?

Refer to your Rubric What are the two criteria for this assignment?

Today we will divide the circle and create the radial design so that it is balanced. How many spaces will we need if we are using all the primary, secondary and tertiary colors? How can we divide the circle so that our sections are equal?

After you have traced the circle onto your paper lightly in pencil, you will need to find the exact center of the circle. How can you do this without folding the paper?

Draw two chords. Measure each and find the exact middle of the two chords. Draw a bisector at 90 degrees to the approximate middle area of the circle for both chords. Where they intersect is the center.

At this point you should see something like this. All sections should be the same size.

What is Radial Balance?

Stained glass Rosary Windows in most cathedrals and some churches, quilt patterns, and very common in plant life.




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