Grid Drawing

Grid Drawings



    • Students will learn to divide a picture into smaller parts in order to draw it one section at a time .


  • Students will learn to grid a picture and enlarge it with accuracy.



    • Paper (12″ x 18″)


  • Pencil
  • Ruler


  • Picture to enlarge (8½ ” x 11″)



  1. Students will use a ruler to first divide their 12″x 18″ paper in half vertically at the 6 inch mark.
  2. Students will use a ruler to divide their paper in half horizontally at the 9 inch mark. (Students will now have a paper that is divided into four sections =fourths.)
  3. Students will now divide each of the fourths into four more fourths by marking the measurements given next.
  4. Students should have a line drawn vertically at the 3, 6, and the 9 inch mark of their paper.
  5. Students should have a line drawn horizontally at the 4 1/2 , 9, and the 13 1/2 mark of their paper. 
  6. Students will now number each square. There should be 16 total.
  7. Students will now divide or fold the pictures that they will enlarge, into the same number of sections and number each of the 16 squares.
  8. Students will only look at the lines that they see in square #1 of their picture and draw them in the square #1 of their paper. Once they have completed square #1, they can move to square #2.


  1. Did I draw my grid correctly?
  2. Did I enlarge each square accurately?
  3. Did I complete my drawing neatly?