Mixed Media

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Chinese Food Fortune Cookie


You will use words, altered images, and marking-making to interpret your concept behind “the cookie” in your journal. One or two pages

Elements of a fortune cookie:
• The inside and outside of the cookie itself and its wrapper
• The fortune
• The word, in Chinese and then its English translation
• Chinese calligraphy
• Numbers
• Ethnic differences/similarities/commentary
• concept
• composition
• creative use of media, using ALTERED images and words
• balance and depth

Options for mark making:
NOTE: YOU MUST START WITH A GEL TRANSFER THAT OCCUPIES AT LEAST 70% OF YOUR BACKGROUND (after that it’s up to you but experiment and plan before applying!)

Sewing, ink, letter stamps, newspaper, magazine letters and pictures,
photo transfer (using nail polish remover or acrylic medium)
paint, wax , pearl powders, glue gun, metallic pens, …..

NO pencil or colored pencil unless you are using it to alter images!

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