Talking Still Life with words/ sketchbook

Choose an object that has symbolic meaning to you personally…the object “speaks” to you.  Sketch it in a page of your sketchbook.

  1. Draw the object in ebony.  Render it realistically using a wide range of values for strong contrast.  Remember not to “bulls-eye” the placement of the object on the sketchbook page….strong composition will be important.
  2. Find the meaning of the object using a dictionary. Write the complete definition into the rendered object.  Continue to focus on strong composition as you position the definition into the artwork.
  3. Using a variety of magazines for reference, find a picture of the object you rendered, cut it out, and work it into the composition by pasting it into the design. This should be your area of emphasis.  Remember placement is extremely important…do not put it on the outside edges, corners, or in the middle.
  4. Add creative finishing touches to the “talking” still life. Details, values, textures should be going off the page.  A wide range of values should be evident.  Suggestion: Do several contour drawings of the object in a color pen.  Think outside the box!  Narrate a story…add more text into the work….add color to the piece with prisma or colored tissue paper.
  5. Paper needs to be 12 x 18 inches or larger.