Cross Contour Figure

Use lateral, cross contour line to indicate the roundness and depressions with in the body. Stay aware of how the ellipses change shape as they move through space. Keep in mind we may use these for printmaking later.


Sample Artwork:

Materials (what you need)
White drawing paper 9 x 12
Pencil #2
Extra fine and fine tip black sharpie

Procedure (what you need)
•Composition should be arranged so that figure is not exactly in the middle.
•Objects in composition may go off the page.
•There is overlapping.
•Proportions need to be accurate—use sighting skills.

1.Draw outline (contour) of the body head to toe.
2. The environment must come from a different photo or from your imagination.
3.Begin at the edge of the body then move laterally across the body toward the opposite edge, as if your marker and eye were actually touching the edge of the form.
4.Allow the marker to dip into valleys and rise over elevated areas, defining the structure, musculature, and forms of the body with carefully placed lines based on accurate cautious observation of surfaces.
5. Analyze how the line should get wider and darker as it creeps into valleys, or wraps around the back of the figure.
Discussion Questions
1.Explain what you learned from this assignment on the back of this paper.
2.Analyze the challenges, please describe them?
3.What would you do differently?
4.Describe the thinking skills that you used?
Magazines (if the wish to use them)
Content Keywords
2-dimensional, balance, contrast, emphasis, form, historical period, line, mood, perspective, proportion, repetition, shape, space, style, unity, value, variety

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