Checklist: “How to make your art shine”!

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 2.37.27 PM.png5-ways-to-improve-student-artwork-powerpoint 


What makes choices in subject matter extraordinary? 

-Interesting details of object or scene

-Letting the viewer examine the “every day” in a new context

-Creating ambiguity that requires “discovery”

-A snapshot that seems to capture cultural context

-Visual connections to historical or cultural art (not to be confused with “copy work”)

-Personal connections to the subject that reveal “voice”.

Media Skills: Learning and improving techniques in a variety of media will offer multiple solutions to exploring the elements and principles of design. 

What shows mastery of skills?

-Obvious mastery of the technique/media through DETAILS &/or EXPRESSION

-COMBINATION and/or LAYERING of techniques- push beyond a single layer

-RISK TAKING (encourage through using “copies” of work &/or working in a series)

-Work EXCEEDS the specific skills taught with creative/innovative/expressive technique

-Assertive FORM/S and use of SPACE through media

-VALUES (lights and darks) used effectively through the media

-Engagement for the viewer with TEXTURE (actual or implied)

-MOOD established through the use of COLOR in media

-CRAFTSMANSHIP is challenged through engagement with creative details

Concept & Composition: This is where this advanced course truly separates itself from beginning classes. Students take risks in order to communicate ideas and create engaging compositions that engage the viewer with the artists’ ideas.

What shows mastery in concept & composition?

-Interesting “Point of View” (close-up, birds-eye, unusual perspective, etc.)

-Treatment of BACKGROUND shows thought and adds to content & intent

-AMBIGUITY between subject and background

-JUXTAPOSITION of images/ forms to create an aesthetic and conceptual statement

-Intent aided with Overall BALANCE with directed purposeful MOVEMENT in composition

-Engagement of viewer with a “center of interest” or EMPHASIS for message

-personal voice or commentary evincing original thought

-Use of (CONTRAST, PATTERN, RHYTHM) to achieve message, mood, intent