Watercolor Lesson 1


Look at the Triptic, Dyptic below. Draw flower either growing or Dying.

Look at Ms. Ashton’s photography page:http://aprilashton.com/alternativework/8a5zhkh8utshquujlso4o5jo0vbdu2

The flower can be 2 or 3 panels and the sky is the limit for what you put in it. One flower is ok, one is dead or dying and they need to look identical otherwise. The middle panel can be something psychological or random.

Homework: 4 1/4 pg thumbnails with 4 different ideas.
Do a mind map about environmental hazards, death or dying, waiting, unrequited love, etc.

the final piece cannot exceed 18×24 or be smaller than 8×10

Use salt, saran wrap, masking fluid, etc.

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